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Together transforming potential
The Brief.

Setforth are on a mission to help businesses build their legacies, starting with a single ambition - accelerating company growth. The forward-thinking start-up tasked Polar with developing a brand that would be a leader in founder-led software business acquisitions, allowing companies to reach their next level, enhancing success stories while retaining individuality.

Naming • Brand Identity • Tone of Voice • Copywriting • Website Design & Build
What we delivered.

High standards and thought leadership position Setforth at the forefront, where clients feel confident their business is in the best possible hands. The brand needed to demonstrate the unlocking of potential, with a focus on future growth. The brandmark captures this by taking inspiration from the butterfly, its metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly represents transformation. It signifies a journey, change, and evolution.

The colour palette and tone of voice give the brand a maturity whilst retaining a sense of curiosity. Ultimately, it’s a brand created to drive Setforth’s own progress as they scale up within the UK and beyond.

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Polar were particular on the details and our brand is better for that. They cared deeply about getting this right, and I felt like I was part of the Polar team.

Adrienne Gormley
CEO & Co-founder

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