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The Brief.

Hygreen Energy is at the forefront of innovative green energy solutions, transforming waste into hydrogen fuel with zero emissions. As this groundbreaking technology emerged, it was imperative to carve a robust identity in the rapidly expanding green energy sector, both for recognition and crucial seed investment rounds.

In collaboration with Polar, the Hygreen team ensured their brand not only preserved its core values but also positioned itself as a major contender in the global green energy arena.

Our mandate was to craft this new brand identity, complemented by strategic activation campaigns and continuous investment round support. This was achieved through meticulously curated pitch decks tailored to each audience and compelling video promotional content. Alongside consistent and regular sessions with the Hygreen team.

Green Energy
Brand Identity • Brand Activation • Tone of Voice • Copywriting • Website Design & Build
What we delivered.

Polar provided Hygreen with a comprehensive suite of corporate branding assets and tools, enabling them to firmly establish their presence in the sector. This suite encompassed a refreshed identity, a new website, a cohesive social suite, internal communication literature, an on-brand pitch deck, and a dynamic launch campaign.

These enhancements facilitated meaningful engagement with existing team members and investors, aligning them with the new vision. We remain a steadfast support for Hygreen, contributing to their ongoing growth and success in the green energy landscape.

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Polar has given us a brand that has the potential to be globally recognised alongside our technology. We are excited to continue our partnership going forward and are confident that Polar will allow us to attain our goals faster with them by our side

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