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The Brief.

At the cutting edge of sports analytics and data interpretation, Prospect has been a game-changer in transforming sports data into actionable insights. It became crucial for Prospect to establish a strong brand identity in the competitive sports data industry, not only for market recognition but also to attract new hires to their growing team.

In partnership with our team, Prospect aimed to ensure that their brand did not just reflect their core values but also positioned them as a key player in the global sports data market.

Our task was to develop this new brand identity, complemented by a suite of branded documentation. This was accomplished through carefully designed presentation decks, icon systems and animations, each tailored to specific audiences. 

Alongside the new identity, we were commissioned to develop a fully bespoke website to bring their new brand to life and create a compelling digital experience for their potential customers.

Additionally, we held regular strategy sessions with the Prospect team to ensure progress was both timely and accurate.

Sports Data
Brand Identity • Messaging • Animation • Website Design & Build
What we delivered.

We provided Prospect with a comprehensive package of corporate branding tools and assets, enabling them to solidify their position in the sports data sector. This package included a reinvigorated brand identity, a new, user-friendly website, a unified suite for social media, internal communication materials, and a pitch deck aligned with their new branding.

These enhancements allowed for deeper engagement with both the existing team and customers, aligning them with Prospect's refreshed vision.

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It is hard to be unique in their industry but they pulled it off - We liked the manner in which they flexed to deal with us as a client.

Gordon Hamilton-Fairley

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