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The Brief.

Nestled in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, VanCraft is a specialized campervan conversion company with a vision to expand their horizons across the United States. Their goal was to incorporate both a sales and rental arm into their brand system and elevate both sides of the business. To realize this ambition, it was critical to develop a brand identity that was not only modern and appealing but also future-proof and dynamic, to propel them towards their expansive goals.

Working closely with our team, VanCraft sought to establish a brand that was reflective of their innovative approach to campervan conversions while positioning themselves as a leading choice for campervan enthusiasts across the country. Their products give people the ability to explore, whilst maintaining the flexibility of owning an everyday vehicle. 

Our mission was to create a brand identity that resonated with a broad audience, those who seek wanderlust and outdoors - but also understand and want the luxuries and detail that VanCraft build into their products. 

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What we delivered.

We equipped VanCraft with a full suite of branding tools and assets, ensuring they were poised for success in the national market. This comprehensive package encompassed a refreshed, modern brand identity, UI/UX website guidance, a cohesive social media presence, internal communication materials tailored to their brand, as well as a strategic plan for the rental / franchise side of the business.

These enhancements not only enabled VanCraft to effectively engage with their existing team and stakeholders but also helped align them with the company’s new, forward-looking vision. As the company continues to grow and evolve, we remain committed to supporting their journey, helping them cement their place as a leader in the campervan conversion market across the United States.

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