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Aqua Optima
Water simplified.
The Brief.

Following our work with Strix Global, we were tasked with developing a new identity for Aqua Optima. Aqua Optima is a B2C water category range including filters, jugs, handhelds and dispensers. The new rebrand would help to accelerate the products into the European market. 

Alongside the brand identity, key elements in our process were product packaging, brand books and market activation campaigns.

Aqua Optima
Product B2C
Branding • Packaging Design • Advertising
What we delivered.

Polar worked closely with the Aqua Optima team to ensure a streamlined and collaborative approach to this project. With regular weekly progress meetings, the brand evolved from its current form into a modern - but recognisable - version of its predecessor. Leaving a crisp, futureproof identity for the business.

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