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Helping you take control of your water systems
The Brief.

SOL boasts a unique blend of microbiologists and physicists, making them pioneers in the development of cutting-edge optical systems. By utilising physics instead of traditional chemistry or biology, they have created highly effective sensors capable of detecting harmful biofilms and monitoring water quality in pipe systems.

The company’s previous identity had become outdated and no longer reflected their forward-thinking approach. We partnered with SOL to create a contemporary brand image that inspires confidence in their technical prowess and aligns with their values and innovative mindset.

Water Technology
Brand Identity • Animation • Website Design & Build
What we delivered.

We collaborated with SOL to streamline their brand architecture and strengthen the connections between the brands within the parent company, Waterman Group. Our efforts resulted in a clear hierarchy that accommodates future product expansion under the SOL identity.

The new S brand mark now sits at the heart of the identity, symbolising the continuous flow of water. Our team created an easy-to-understand animation that showcases the product’s capabilities without overwhelming technical details. Additionally, we designed a website that retains the brands simplicity as it grows and expands its offerings.

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