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Simplifying electricity portfolio management
The Brief.

Flexidao provides energy, sustainability, and risk management teams with the tools to gain in-depth oversight of their clean electricity portfolio; streamlining processes, reducing compliance risk, and enhancing clean energy impact.

Polar were approached initially to develop a new website for Flexidao. However, in early discovery conversations, we highlighted a key change in their strategy - meaning a deeper consideration for their brand and brand strategy needed to be considered for an investment in their website to be worthwhile. 

In turn, Polar were tasked with fully transforming Flexidao’s identity, followed by the originally planned new website.

Energy Tech
What we delivered.

Visiting the Flexidao offices in Barcelona to run our discovery process was crucial in the alignment of vision and values across both teams. We needed to harness a deep understanding of Flexidao's complex offering to ensure we were able to powerfully articulate their new position and brand. Through a series of tailor-made interactive workshops, we were able to establish a clear narrative for Flexidao, alongside key customer profiles and business strategy. This in turn would help inform our decision-making process in our creative phases.

Following discovery, we worked closely with the Flexidao team through our research, concept development, and refinement phases to develop a future-focused and agile brand, fit for the next stage of their journey.

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"Working with Polar has been a transformative journey for our brand and online presence. From the initial brainstorming sessions to the final rollout, their expertise and creative vision have been instrumental in ensuring we have a new identity that truly resonates with our core values and audience."

Eloise Moench
Marketing Lead

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