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Yuki Tsunoda
Accelerating a new brand in motorsport for Yuki Tsunoda: A conceptual discovery by the Polar team
The Brief.

Towards the end of 2022, our team came together to take on a challenge and conceptualise a personal brand for F1 star, Yuki Tsunoda. Our goal was to showcase Yuki's unique personality, combining his love for racing and gaming, and creating a line of merchandise for his dedicated fans.

We kicked off our project with thorough research and exploration, drawing inspiration from various cultural, F1, and digital art sources. This resulted in a curated collection of stylescapes, allowing us to brainstorm and choose the best direction for Yuki's brand.

Yuki Tsunoda
Personal Brand Concepts
What we delivered.

With the stylescapes selected, we crafted a comprehensive suite of brand options to enhance Yuki's digital presence, provide an even more exciting experience for his fans, and generate new revenue streams through merchandise sales.

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