Terms and Conditions for Pay-Monthly Website Services
1. The purchase of any service quoted by Polar Creative Studio constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in this document (hereinafter referred to as “the agreement”).
2. Any subsequent alterations made to these terms and conditions will form part of the agreement.

3. Services include website design, website administration, website maintenance and SEO preparation.
4. Business days include any day apart from Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays in England and Wales.

5. Customers can expect a reasonable standard of care and skill in the provision of services, and can expect work to be carried out within the agreed time frame, where reasonable.
6. If, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have to make any changes to the services provided, we endeavour to notify customers immediately.

Domain Names
7. All domain names registered by us on the Domain Registrar will be owned exclusively by Polar Creative Studio.
8. Customers can request ownership and transfer of domain names at any time. A one off charge of £19.99 will be payable on transfer, plus any third party registrar costs.
9. We do not accept liability for any loss of profit during website downtime caused by the expiration of a domain name, or by technical faults caused by a third party.

10. A hosting charge of £22.99 per month will be applied to any website hosted by Polar Creative Studio, excluding customers who have signed up for the pay-monthly plan.
11. We take great care to ensure customers do not experience any service disruption, but cannot accept liability for disruption which is outside of our control.

12. Any content supplied to Polar Creative Studio must be in compliance with copyright law. We do not accept any liability for text or images used on your website which breach copyright laws.

Pay-Monthly Schemes
13. Pay-monthly websites require a direct debit scheme to be set up by customers prior to any work commencing. Direct debit schemes take approximately 5 business days to process and work will begin once the first payment has been received.
14. Payment methods are accepted at the sole discretion of Polar Creative Studio, with some methods incurring additional processing fees.
15. Any out-of- package services will be quoted and billed on the subsequent month’s statement.
16. In the event that payments are not made within 14 days of receiving an invoice, we reserve the right to:
a) Suspend access to the service until payment has been made in full.
b) Order the customer to pay a late payment fee of £50 for payments delayed by over 30 days.

17. All contracts operate on a 12 month basis.
18. Requests to cancel an account must be made in writing to hello@wearepolar.com.
19. Once formal notice has been received, all services will be terminated and the direct debit will be cancelled.
20. All work completed prior to cancellation will be chargeable at Polar Creative Studio’s standard service rates.
21. Websites remain on our servers for an additional 12 months following the termination of the contract.

Governing Law
22. This contract will be governed exclusively by the laws of the United Kingdom.