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Sustainable stands for sustainable brands
The Brief.

Ecobooth, a business dedicated to delivering sustainable booths for global brands, approached Polar through the B Corp community. They were seeking a partner to help them create a new website that would align with their exciting new future.

Working closely with the Ecobooth team, we guided them through the initial discovery, sitemap and wireframing, design, and development processes. Together, we successfully took their newly-formed brand and brought it to life in the digital world. We gave their website a strong and dynamic positioning as a disrupter in the industry, breaking away from traditional corporate norms.

Website design & build
What we delivered.

Our creative approach placed messaging and content at the forefront of the design. We intentionally deviated from the conventional layout of a typical website, allowing for a more free-flowing and dynamic user experience. This unique approach has enabled Ecobooth to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Since the website's launch, Ecobooth has received positive feedback from their target audience and the industry. It has provided their team with the necessary momentum to take the next step in their exciting journey.

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