Objective IT

The Brief

Having previously worked with Objective on a number of projects, Polar were asked to design their brand-new website. The website needed to have a modern feel and utilize contemporary web design trends, such as multi-layer paralleling, iconography and full-width banners.

Our Approach

Plan, Develop, Design, Build

Polar worked closely with Objective IT to create a clean, crisp website. It was out with the dated photography and in with modern icons. By using visual metaphors, such as images of plants and trees to symbolise growth, and incorporating lead generation techniques, such as the full-width call to action banners, we successfully fulfilled the contemporary brief.

Business Development Manager, Lara said: Polar are great at coming up with new ideas, but most importantly for us in this project, they managed to help us achieve a fresh and modern look without running too far from our brand. Meaning we are still recognisable to our clients and able to use our existing marketing material, all with a new theme, website and modified logo. We would recommend Polar, whether you are looking for something completely different or want to improve what you have.