• Adrian Deakes says:

    I like the images in the mood board. Only option, to me, that actually communicates ‘Chelmsford’ as a city with an identity. Type face and font feels modern.

  • Marc De’ath says:

    My least favourite. Although its the one that feels most connected to Chelmsford due to images of locality.
    I dont see why they couldn’t work on the other mood boards though.

    I like the word identity, culture, community. Prefer the word ‘Place’ over ‘Impression’

  • Rosa Tanfield says:

    The colouring is really complimentary and I too feel it represents Chelmsford strongly. However, it feels very ‘heritage’ to me and not necessarily about colour, creativity, connection and vibrancy.
    I do not like the black circle logos and do not feel that they offer us flexibilty.
    The ‘ignite’ wording at the bottom looks very similar to BBC iPlayer and feels very corporate.

  • Edith says:

    Really liked the Mood board’s words. Colours are not bright enough. Really like the photo of the colour festival: evokes happiness, art, people coming together.
    I also like the photo of the Marconi building: science, heritage, identity with Chelmsford
    Logo: not keen on it.

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