How can I be sure that I will be satisfied with the website design?

Each website is created by our award-winning team of designers. All websites are subject to a review process where you can voice any amendments you wish to be made. Only once the website has been approved by you will it go live.

Will I be entering into a formal contract with Polar for the next 12 months?

Under our monthly payment plans, you will be entering into a 12-month contract with Polar.

Can I sign up to the contract for a shorter or longer period than is stated?

Unfortunately, we only offer a 12-month plan for the scheme. However, re-entering into a 12 month contract will make you eligible for a re-design at the end of the second year.

Am I committed to the terms of the contract after the contract has expired?

After the contract has expired you will no longer be party to the contract. However, if you wish for us to continue hosting the website, you will still be required to pay administrative costs.

Will I own the rights to the website after the contract has expired?

Once the contract has expired, you will own the rights to the website. If you choose not to renew, you will no longer be subject to the privileges stipulated in the contract.

Can I combine other services with the monthly payment scheme?

The monthly scheme applies only to websites. To see the other services we offer, click here.

Are there any hidden fees that I should be made aware of?

No, the monthly scheme removes the cost of any set-up fees.