Creating the Perfect Brand Image is a Team Effort

Graphic design is core to your brand and to how customers perceive you. Getting it right needs teamwork and the perfect blend of knowledge.

A picture is said to paint a thousand words, but the imagery and logo design on corporate branding can say even more. It conveys the ethos, values and the very personality of a business. In today’s ever more competitive marketplace, your graphic design can have an impact that is awesome in the traditional sense of the word – and the consequences of getting it wrong are downright scary.

That should, in itself, be enough to convince any business that this is not an area to be left to chance or put in the hands of amateurs. Yet appointing professional graphic designers is only the first step towards success. Procuring design services for a business is not like buying a van or outsourcing the IT support. It demands a spirit of teamwork, partnership and trust. Here are three important tips for making it work.

Work on a project basis

Most designers work on either a per-project or hourly basis. Nine times out of ten, the latter works better. Both parties know what they are getting into, the costs are already laid out and you can relax and focus on the work. When you are getting an hour’s consultancy here and there, two things are liable to happen.

The first is that you are more focussed on clock watching that productivity. The second is when, as so often happens, things take longer than expected, everything comes to a grinding halt while you consult with the decision makers and explain why the project is going over budget.

Let the designers do what they do best

Satirist, writer and sometimes graphical designer David Thorn tells a great story on his website about what can happen when people start getting possessive about existing designs. The idea is to use your knowledge of your own industry in tandem with the designer’s knowledge of the latest industry trends. What worked in 1990 might be exactly what is setting your company back today, so let the designers use their knowledge to help you move forward, not stay in the past. Many companies engage a graphics design firm and give them a fixed and rigid specification of what they want. Sure, the designer will be able to do that, but in taking this rigid approach, you are failing to make use of all that knowledge and design skill that is at your disposal. That could be a big mistake.

Remember the role of digital

Everyone knows the importance of digital media in the modern world. However, where some go wrong is in assuming it has in some way replaced printed. This is not the case, and you can see that by looking at any successful company. They have a digital media presence that is sometimes larger than their physical one, but it has not replaced it, but stands alongside it. Successful branding means presenting a unified image across all platforms, so ensure that the two strands are developed in step with one another to guarantee consistent brand marketing across all channels.

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