Let’s take you through the Polar team’s musical go-to’s:

Here at the Polar studio, we strive to create a relaxed, friendly environment for everyone in the office. This means breaking the silence and putting on a few of our favourite tunes – because how can anyone feel stressed when listening to the soulful tunes of Bob Marley?


Lee – Creative Director

Favourite Artist: Bob Marley and Led Zepplin
Favourite Song: Stairway to Heaven

Bob Marley’s iconic reggae voice is powerful in style and in lyrics – his songs cover topics such as faith, racism, poverty and western oppression. The Jamaican singer-songwriter was first artists of his country to achieve international stardom. Coined “the progenitors of heavy metal”, Led Zeppelin’s guitar-heavy sound has led them to become one of the most successful, ultra-progressive and influential rock groups of all time.

Jess – Freelance Designer

Favourite Artist: Jay Kay
Favourite Song: Seven Days in Sunny June

Previously part of the funk and acid jazz band Jamiroquai, Jay Kay’s music has been described as a “blend of house rhythms and ’70s-era soul/funk”. He’s also well-known for his impressive headwear collection.

Jacob – Freelance Designer

Favourite Artist: Black Keys
Favourite Song: Have Mercy on Me

The Black Keys are an American blues-rock/ indie band – starting out around in the early 2000s when garage rock was at its peak, the duo have become rock sensations.

Bear – Head of Playtime

Favourite Artist:  Baha Men
Favourite Song: Who Let The Dogs Out

The Baha Men are a Bahamian band, famous for playing Junkanoo music. Their Grammy Award-winning hit song “Who Let the Dogs Out?” is an undisputed classic.

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