How Marketers Leverage the UK’s “Nation of Animal Lovers” Reputation

Animals sell products, and the cuter they are, the better they do it. From meercats to bears, how do animals shape marketing campaigns?

Britain is often described as a nation of animal lovers, but actually, the human fascination with its four-legged friends is one that transcends national boundaries. “Watching cat videos” has become a synonym for idling away time online, and if you search on the most watched videos on YouTube, “funny animal videos” are right up there near the top of the pile.

For marketers and graphic designers, our obsession with animals is one that it would be dangerous to ignore. The team at Polar Creative have a strong bond with the animals in their lives, from the polar bear logo that is never far from sight, to Bear, one of the most important members of the team!

Building a connection

Today, it is more important than ever for companies to create a connection with their customers. This is the age of choice, and whether you are looking for a web designer or a takeaway pizza, a Google search will present you with a mind-boggling array of options. In this competitive marketplace, it is not just a case of making your brand stand out – it is also necessary to strike a chord with your customers. Having a logo that is likeable achieves two things. The first is that it creates something memorable. That first connection has already been made. The second is that the likeability factor of your logo will affect the subconscious perception of your brand.

A winning formula

Using animals in marketing is nothing new and the Polar bear is certainly not the first animal to appear on a logo and will not be the last. The HMV dog, the Lacoste crocodile, the Andrex puppy and even the Playboy bunny have all helped form some of the most famous, iconic and recognisable logos is design history.

In the automotive world, there are animals all around, and they say something about the brand, whether it is the sleek pouncing Jaguar, the Prancing Horse of Ferrari or the Peugeot lion that, we are reliably informed, goes from strength to strength. Some brands have used animals not in their logos but to reinvigorate flagging brands. The Meercat campaign from comparison site Compare the Market was a work of creative genius and is claimed to have boosted the company’s market share by more than 75 percent within a year of launch.

A nation of animal lovers? Maybe so, but there is no doubt that marketers love their four-legged friends even more than the rest of us!

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