Who inspires those who create? We’ve compiled a varied list of graphic designers in order to discover who and what have influenced their creativity.

Morag Myerscough – About

Bold fonts, vivid colours, drop shadow and geometric shapes – we are of course talking about Morag Myerscough. Born in Holloway, North London in 1963, Morag was influenced by her “Bohemian” family to go on and study design at The Royal College of Art. She is best-known for her architectural use of graphic design and now works from her Studio in Shoreditch.


Myerscough attributes her passion for colour to her mother: I think my colour sense comes from being very young and understanding the difference between a dye made from a natural source and one from an artificial source. When I make my big pieces of work I much prefer to paint them as I can get pure pigments and as they are used in spaces it is important how colour responds to light. There is nothing better than to see an amazing colour in the right environment, it can change your whole mood. I like to be brave with colour, at college I was introduced to Albers, and I was very interested in his theories on how colours respond to each other. I love Memphis, Bridget Riley, Warhol, Dan Flavin, Schwitters and more.”

Alan Fletcher – About

Quoted in the Daily Telegraph as being one of “the most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation”, Alan Fletcher is perhaps most famous for his thought-provoking poster designs. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1931, Fletcher studied graphic design in London before attending Yale University and, among other things, co-founded the world’s largest independent design consultancy, Pentagram.


Fletcher’s influence stems from his own desire to intrigue: I like ideas that have further jokes – private ideas or jokes. I think the Polaroid poster is quite a good one. We were asked to do something on a new colour film and I thought that idea of a Rorschach test with colours would look quite pretty. What I really liked about it, though, was when someone said to me, “But what does it mean, Alan?” I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled.”

Annie Atkins – About

Annie Atkins was born in Wales to and is now based in Dublin, Ireland. She worked for an advertising agency before going on to get a degree in Visual Communication and Film Production.  Her designs have been used in film and television ranging from The Tudors, to Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.


Annie Atkins’ inspiration for The Grand Budapest Hotel comes from the set itself: “I like to watch the film and then try to capture the mood by layering up texture. It doesn’t necessarily match the visual aesthetic of the film, rather the tone of the story. I don’t even use a grid for film poster design – it’s probably one of the more intuitive areas of my work. But most of my poster work is for small indie Irish filmmakers, so there’s more freedom in that, than if I were designing for a big distribution company.”

Jianping He – About

Born in China in 1973, Jianping He grew up with a passion for graphic design and went on to study the subject at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. He now lives in Berlin, where he works as a graphic designer, professor and publisher.


Jianping He derives his inspiration from a range of mediums: “I get my inspiration from daily life, the local environment and the world around us. From a design perspective, it comes from the Swiss graphic design of the 50s, in particular, the work of Müller-Brockmann. His thinking, rigour, discipline and clarity established and set the foundations of a design system that essentially is difficult
to improve on. Last but not least, wit and humour… it’s very important.”


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