How To Revamp Your Brand In 2018

The new year is a great chance to rebrand your business. Here we discuss some of the typical reasons to rebrand and how best to relaunch your new identity.

Does your brand need fresh life breathing into it? Then it’s time for a revamp and the arrival of 2018 is the perfect opportunity to get to work. Creating a strong and recognisable brand is the foundation of your organisation. According to the Content Marketing Institution, 89% of B2B marketers believe that brand awareness is the most significant goal to focus on, beating both sales and lead generation in terms of aims. But if you’re not a new business and you have an existing brand that has been working adequately for you, why would you want to rock the boat and risk a rebrand?

Reasons To Rebrand In 2018
Whilst rebranding is not a decision that should be taken lightly, there are plenty of reasons why this strategy can be advantageous for you. If there has been some sort of merger or company acquisition, then a rebrand is almost inevitable. But for other companies, they may simply have outgrown their existing brand and need to create an image that opens up new opportunities and markets. Some organisations for example, are keen to attract the
attention of millennials and in order to do so, they understand the need to be transparent about their brand values and the role they play in corporate responsibility. Design is critical in highlighting the ethics and eco-consciousness of a brand, using psychology, colours and images to help convey this message. Whatever the reason you have for rebranding in 2018, you’ll need to take your time and come up with a clear creative strategy before you relaunch.

Retaining Familiarity
Unless you have a good reason as to why you want to start from scratch, many rebrand designs prefer to keep some familiar aspects of their image so that they can still be identifiable within the industry. You might opt for a fresh logo design but keep the same colour scheme for example. If current and potential customers can already identify your brand within the marketplace, it makes sense not to extinguish the former look completely.

However, it is essential that once you’ve come up with your new design, that your brand’s new image is streamlined across all your online and offline promotional materials. These might include your website pages, stationery, marketing brochures, billboard advertisements, company car logos and social media accounts. If you have changed your taglines, then these should also be updated to create a consistent front that appears reliable and confident.

Training Your Staff
Ensure that your staff are well versed in the changes to your brand. If your main marketing message has been tweaked, then your employees must be updated on the driving force behind your rebrand, so that they are able to deliver a uniform response to customers or members of the public who query the redesign.

Moving Forward
The main reason that brands have for updating their identity, is to move forward with the times and to shake off their formerly stale appearance. It is essential therefore that you choose to work with professionals who are capable of seamlessly improving your entire brand design and deliver an image that you’re proud to promote. Sit down with your design team today and look forward to the changes that await your brand in 2018.

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