Optimising Landing Page Design to Increase Conversions

Every online business is looking to convert browsers into buyers. A well-designed landing page is your most powerful tool.

There is sometimes too much attention paid to the concept of attracting visitors to your site. After all, any physical shop will tell you that while window shoppers and shelf-browsers are always good to have in terms of making your shop better-known and creating a buzz, it is those who reach for their wallets that ultimately dictate whether the business succeeds or fails. The same applies online. Approaching web design with a view to getting traffic is only the first step in promoting your sales funnel and ultimately delivering tangible financial returns to the business.

What is the sales funnel?
The sales funnel is the buying process through which a company will lead its customers. Consult five different books on marketing and you will get five subtly different definitions, but broadly speaking, they all encompass the following steps:

  • Awareness– prospects become aware of a solution to their problem or need.
  • Interest – they research products or services that provide that solution.
  • Evaluation – they evaluate competitors’ offerings and move towards a decision.
  • Decision – a choice is made, and negotiation begins.
  • Purchase – the product or service is purchased.
  • Reevaluation – as the need reemerges, they decide whether or not to buy more.
  • Repurchase – the customer repurchases the product or service.

From a web design perspective, we can simplify this down to meeting three basic requirements. Attracting visitors, engaging prospects and converting them into buyers.

Some say this is the information age, others the communication age – but it is definitely the “goldfish attention span” age. Having optimised your keywords and performed numerous other SEO tasks to get your page ranking, you start getting those SERP rankings. Don’t blow it now. Think about what search queries have driven potential customers to be presented with your site in their results page. What are they asking for? What are they searching on? Your landing page needs to show instantly that you have the perfect answer to their question or solution to their need.

At this stage, the prospect has arrived on your site and has not immediately departed. That’s a great start. The engagement stage is all about demonstrating why they should buy from you. Offering great prices and giveaways is a simple answer but think deeper. A professional design with links to interesting and thought-provoking content shows that you know what you are talking about and have expertise and authority in your field.

The prospect is convinced and wants to buy from you. You would be amazed how many sites get this far, then lose the customer. If you are directly selling online, be aware that despite the huge growth in internet sales, many buyers are still wary of ecommerce. It is not enough for you to know that your purchase platform is best in class and completely safe – you need to shout it from your landing page so that buyers know it too. Don’t be shy and tuck the security accreditations away for visitors to seek out. Wear your stickers with pride and have them in clear view. Also, ensure calls to action are completely clear, with large buy now buttons at the top and bottom of the page.

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