Create A Design That Keeps Visitors Coming Back For More

Revamp your business blog in 2018 to showcase a clean, crisp layout that creates a fantastic first impression on every single page of your site.

The new year is the perfect time to analyse all your existing marketing strategies and set to work on improving your image for both existing and potential customers. Your business blog will be one of your most important vehicles with which to communicate. You will likely use it as an opportunity to talk about industry developments, showcase your latest products or services and release announcements about your brand. Yet a business blog is only successful if people are actually viewing it – so do you ensure that the visitors that land on your articles keep on coming back for more?

Here are some techniques to ensure that your business blog is a winner in 2018.

First Impressions Count
New visitors to your website will notice two things to help them make an impression about your brand and its site. They will consider your logo and your navigation. Your logo should be the same design that you use across all other marketing channels to ensure a consistent approach. It must be professional and convey an appropriate image that you’d like your brand to be associated with. Graphic designers can assist with creating a navigational structure that is clean and extremely user-friendly so that visitors can easily find the content that they’re looking for. Ensure that your visitors do not become ‘lost’ when moving around your site by implementing the three-click rule, so that all your content is never more than three mouse clicks away from the current page.

Mobile Friendly
As you may be aware, mobile usage overtook that of desktop back in October 2016 and the increase in users searching for content from their phones shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you want your business blog to be found in Google’s mobile search results, then it’s essential that you make it mobile-friendly and use a responsive design which enables your pages to be optimised for each type of device that accesses them. Business blogs that are still using a static web design will be left behind in 2018. You’ll also need to make sure that your website is fast-loading as mobile users have a habit of clicking away from pages that take too long to populate.

It’s Not All About The Home Page
The individual stats for every website are different, but if you analyse yours then you may be surprised to learn that your home page is far from being the only entry point to your website. Visitors may arrive via referring websites or social links. While it’s important not to neglect your home page, it’s essential that each of your pages and posts are optimised as they’re also key in providing a first impression to your visitors. Create compelling headlines to engage your readers, add interesting images and make sure that your on-page SEO is up to scratch.

It’s time to get started. Begin by sitting down with your design team and go through some ideas to help you create that crisp, sleek and professional look. Then, start brainstorming content ideas to ensure that your business blog is more than just nice to look at.

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