In celebration of #PolarBearWeek2017, we want to generate more conversations about polar bears and give you an insight into how these wonderful creatures have helped us shape Polar as a brand.


We are a company inspired by polar bears – they are our name, our logo and our merchandise –but we like to think that it is our philosophy which has been particularly influenced by these powerful arctic predators.

So, without further ado, here are our five favourite polar bear qualities:

1. Polar Bears Are Creative
Polar bears are frequently adapting to the seasonal conditions. Unlike other predators, polar bears do not have territories as their habitat is constantly moving and changing. In the winter, polar bears sleep in shallow pits which they dig in to the snow. They can sleep through blizzards and freezing temperatures (which frequently drop to below -34°C) as the snow provides them with an insulating blanket and their coats have two layers of fur on top of a very thick layer of body fat.

2. Polar Bears Are Powerful
Polar bears are incredibly powerful creatures. They have fierce jaws for hunting and huge webbed- paws for swimming. They are capable of swimming up to a hundred miles at a time at a pace of six miles per hour* (that’s Michael Phelps’ fastest ever recorded time) and can be motivated to swim for up to nine days to reach a potential food source. That’s pretty impressive for a bear with an empty stomach!

3. Polar Bears Are Beautiful
Polar bears are beautiful creatures, with their signature thick fur, long muzzles and giant paws making them an elegant symbol of the Arctic. However, contrary to popular belief, polar bears are not white. In fact, their fur has no pigment at all, meaning that their coat is transparent and reflects the light around it to make them appear white or yellow. Underneath their thick coats, polar bears actually have black skin which helps them absorb the warmth from the sun.

4. Polar Bears Are Important
Polar bears have an important role to play in terms of the environmental sphere. As one of the top Arctic predators, they are known as an ‘umbrella species’ because they have multiple organisms connected to them in the food web. As a result of this, other species are indirectly protected if the polar bears stay active, which is one of the reason why they are seen as the face of climate change.

5. Polar Bears Are Intelligent
Polar bears are considered by many wildlife biologists to be one of the most intelligent land animals in North America and their brains can be compared to those of intelligent primates. Their hunting methods require significant amounts of calculation and are considered to be some of the most complicated techniques used among mammals. Polar bears also have complex social structures and their communication has been observed through body language, scent and vocalisation. For example, when polar bears want to initiate play, they will move their heads from side to side.

Be sure to have your say this #PolarBearWeek by getting involved and using the hash-tag. You can also sponsor a polar bear here which will help to protect these incredible animals.

*Polar Bear Characteristics (2017). Retrieved November 9 , 2017, from Polar Bears International

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