Just over a year ago, the Polar team decided that we had outgrown our previous office space and were ready to find a new place to call home. Fast forward one year and we are fully settled into the Grade II listed Baddow Brewery. The perfect place for us creatives, it’s all historic charm, quirky features and modern interior. However, it’s safe to say that the six-month search to find our dream office was by no means plain sailing. We explored so many options that we unofficially coined ourselves property experts.

So, with the added benefit of hindsight, we feel it’s only right that we share with you everything we learnt on our journey, and inspire you to find the perfect office.

1. Ask yourself “Do I need an office?”
It might be obvious, but this question needs to be carefully considered. An office is a very big commitment and you must be certain that it is the right move for you and for your business. If, like Polar, your business model requires your clients to come and visit, then an office is likely to be the right choice. An office can be an instant sales pitch – it showcases your business’s credibility and gives it personality, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients. In addition, an office space makes it easier for you to interact with your staff and share ideas.

2. Decide where you stand in the Buy v Rent debate
Renting and buying an office both have their perks. If you’re looking for a flexible contract with low upfront costs, renting could be the option for you. On the other hand, if you want to invest in property and have more control, buying may be the better option. You should take into account your long-term growth plan, as well as your preferred location and whether you would be willing to share a space. The key to finding the right place is to have a look at what is available – it is often the place itself that decides whether you rent or buy.

3. Think outside the box
Most offices tend to be pretty uninspiring – industrial looking buildings with dull colours, worn desk chairs, cheap tables and weathered pot plants. Don’t be drawn in by convention. Be brave and make your office a place that challenges the status quo. Before we found the Baddow Brewery, we considered options such as building our own cabin and buying shipping containers to house our office, both of which would be a great alternative to waiting for the right thing to crop up. Remember
that you will be spending a lot of time in your office, so it must be inspiring. At Polar, our office pushes design boundaries: We have an all-black feature wall showcasing our logo (which can be seen from the road outside), a giant polar bear on a custom-made wood table, incandescent light bulbs and modern Eiffel chairs. Our cutting-edge interior helps set us apart from competitors.

Now, go forth and conquer the property market!

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