How To Increase Brand Awareness At Business Events

Make the most of your next business expo opportunity by utilising these five tried and tested marketing tips.

What better way to bring in new leads and prospects than to attend a business expo? Not only do you get to absorb information about the latest advancements in industry and network with peers, but you can also showcase the best that your own brand has to offer. The only issue? Your biggest rivals are most likely at the same expo. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd and make your next event an all-round success story, then follow these five tips.

Attention-Grabbing Signage
If you want to attract the eye of passing footfall at an expo, you’ll need to catch their attention by using some impressive exhibition banners. Increasing brand exposure is one of your main reasons for attending the expo after all, so it’s important to draw in potential consumers with your signage. Ensure that your logo and business name is dominant and uses colours that are present in your existing promotional materials. Customers who are specifically looking out for you, must be able to locate you with ease, so now is not the time to change your image.

Don’t Be Tied To Your Stand
There’s nothing less effective than a couple of company representatives attending a business expo, who sit behind their desk and hope that potential customers will approach them. That’s just not going to fly. Business expos are competitive and if you want to attract new business, then you’ll need to seek it out. Split up your sales team and have one person managing the stand, with others on the ground handing out flyers and sparking up general chit-chat. This hands-on approach to attracting leads will do you many more favours and you’ll quickly pay for that prime pitch in no time at all.

Invest In Content Creation
It’s not all about the face-to-face sales pitch though. Many consumers like to go away and have a think about what they’ve learned at a business expo before committing to a sale. Having promotional literature to take with them can be key in securing their business further down the line. Therefore, it is essential to invest money in writing persuasive content which is informative and showcases the best that your brand has to offer.

It’s All About Who You Know
A great way to stand out from the crowd at a business expo is to get in with the committee who is running the event. What service or product can you offer to provide for free which will impress them? You might even offer to contribute to the event by hosting a workshop or speaking on stage. This sort of technique goes above and beyond what your rivals are doing and will get you mentioned on the expo site and its social channels.

Commit To The Follow-Up Process
There’s no point in attracting all these potential leads if you’re going to neglect them in the aftermath of the expo. Commit to calling them, contacting them on social media or adding them to an email list in an attempt to convert their interest into sales. The quicker you do this, the more likely they are to remember you. Business Expos are an excellent opportunity to make a name for your brand, in all the right ways. Come up with a marketing strategy before you attend to work out what your goals are and how to achieve them.

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