If you go down to the Office today, you’re sure to see a Bear inside…

With today marking four months since he arrived at Polar, we thought it was about time we told you all about the Bear in our office. Bear is our Creative Director’s five-month-old black Labrador and he is quickly becoming the most popular member of our team. With his uncoordinated walk and his ever-wagging tail, he is quite the charismatic working companion. However, we can’t help noticing a twinge of panic across people’s faces when we tell them that we voluntarily brought a two-month-old puppy into the office.

So, what were we thinking?

It might come as a surprise to some of you, but having a puppy around doesn’t have to mean resounding chaos. A puppy in the workplace can be surprisingly beneficial for your business, helping you establish your company identity and attract new customers. Just by being his furry little self, Bear has already made a lasting impression on all of us here at Polar:


As a willing recipient of attention, Bear easily wins the hearts of our clients. Often joining us in meetings, he helps set a relaxed tone, making clients feel instantly more comfortable. It’s not often you can go into a meeting and cuddle a Labrador puppy, but we don’t see them complaining!


Bear’s energy has rubbed off on everyone in the office. Getting out in the fresh air and playing a good old-fashioned game of fetch has been a great way to take breaks from the computer screens and relax with the rest of the Polar team.


At just over 1000 followers on Instagram, Bear is a very popular pooch. Pictures of Bear in Polar’s office are frequently added to his timeline and have not gone unnoticed by his followers. Tagging the office’s location has allowed us to advertise our services on a greater scale and create new client interest.

Is your business ready for an office pup?

Although there are many benefits that come with having an office pup, it is important that they are fully trained and content within their space. Polar’s office has been specially designed to accommodate our little Bear, giving him the option to snooze if things get a bit too hectic. Bear also has a very healthy selection of toys which he can play with to keep himself entertained, including all six of his favourite dinosaurs.

The Polar team were also keen to ensure that the transition between Bear’s home and the office was as effortless as possible. Everyone uses the same command words that his owners use and, just like when he is at home, Bear rings a Bell if he needs to go outside. Not bad for five months! We can’t imagine what life was like before Bear and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you would like to follow Bear’s journey on social media, be sure to follow Polar’s Instagram @wearepolar.

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