Ditch Old-Fashioned Sales Tactics At Your Peril

A look at how typical marketing skills still have their place in today’s market and can even
support digital strategies in increasing brand visibility.


With the digital revolution in full swing, many have been touting the end of traditional marketing since the end of the late 1990s when widespread adoption of the Internet began to take hold. Indeed, British households spent approximately £4,611 using cards online during 2015, according to a global spending survey carried out the UK Cards Association. This figure was higher than those in America, Australia and Norway and makes it easy to see why marketing teams are concentrating so much of their efforts into creating successful digital strategies. But does this mean the end of traditional marketing? Absolutely not. Here’s why some of the original techniques for spreading brand awareness are here to stay.


The bulk of copywriting activity is now invested in digital content marketing, but long before blogging and websites were invented, skilful copywriters were able to put their talents to use in creating eye-catching and persuasive copy. Whether it’s crafting a legendary slogan such as ‘Just Do It’, or putting together a script for a TV ad, there will always be a place for words so long as people are reading, listening to the radio, watching TV or walking past a billboard. Ignore the power of traditional copywriting marketing at your peril; take Pepsi as an example. The soft drinks giant famously moved their entire TV ad budget to focus on social media marketing and lost 5% revenue as a result.

Event Marketing

In the digital age, there is a greater focus on merging the worlds of digital with event marketing. Seminars are held online, events are broadcast live on blog feeds and event ticket pre-sales are all wrapped up on digital platforms. But the essence of holding an event to market your brand has yet to change. Holding a networking event is a fantastic way to meet professionals within your area who you can either sell to or work with in the future. The face-to-face interaction you receive will always win out over stunted online correspondence.

Customer Service

While a whopping 70% of the buyer’s journey is completed before making contact with a sales representative, it’s easy to see why traditional sales techniques have taken somewhat of a backseat. Yet actually, smart companies still recognise the power that speaking to a human being holds for their customers. Customer service departments are essential in converting leads into sales and for retaining existing customers. Think about the cancellation teams that you have to speak to when you want to cancel your insurance policy or switch mobile phone providers. Interaction with real people who can offer better deals for their customers is an important way for companies to increase their profits.

There’s a real case for learning how to combine traditional marketing methods with the latest innovative digital techniques in order to succeed. Marketing teams must take care to create a strategy and keep track of ROI for their various approaches. If you keep the core values of traditional marketing such as selling to the customer and using words and images to do so, then there’s no reason why you can’t apply these tactics to the modern digital arena.

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