Smart Marketing Techniques Combine the Best of Old and New

Digital marketing is sometimes seen as a replacement for print-based methods. But the best campaign will combine both for maximum reach.

There is a common belief that the 21 st century phenomenon of digital marketing has consigned traditional methods to the pages of history. With everyone using their PCs, laptops, tablets and phones, who needs print media in the modern era? The answer is more people than you might think. There is something about a tangible brochure that cannot be conveyed through a mere on-screen image – at least, not yet! Businesses that completely do away with print are in danger of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Particularly when you consider that brochure design can be combined with your digital marketing efforts to create a consistent brand message across every channel, while getting the most value from your marketing budget.

Understand the market

With every aspect of marketing, the key to success is putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and understanding what will really capture his or her attention. In many respects, this is even more important with print media. After all, there is less interaction with a brochure or flyer than there is with a website. Nothing to click on, no videos or animations, just a sheet of paper. Put that way, it sounds a little scary, but it means you work harder to get it right. And the double benefit is that if it grabs the attention in print, it will definitely be effective online.

It’s all about the brand

Modern businesses operate in a more competitive environment than ever. A characteristic of the digital age is low barriers to entry in a range of industries, meaning a crowded marketplace. Often, the only real differentiating factor between you and your main competitor is your brand, so it is essential to get it right. Printed materials are a great way of getting your brand recognised, but it is essential that there is continuity across all channels. That means the same logos, colour schemes, style and tone. It has never been more important to make sure every piece of marketing is on message.

Choosing the right printed materials

There are plenty of digital marketing channels to choose from, but this variety is dwarfed in comparison with the number of ways you can use print. It is therefore important to think carefully about which methods are right for you, your industry and most important of all, your customers. Magazine ads, billboards and brochures are three that immediately spring to mind, but consider other options, too. For example, if you use a van for your business, you would be mad not to sign write it. Marketers consider “cost per 100 impressions” when assessing return on investment, which is the price of reaching out to 100 potential customers. For van branding, the figure works out at 4p, whereas for a box of flyers, the cost is almost £2.00.

Be strategic

Digital marketing methods are full of checks and balances to allow you to see how a campaign is progressing, what works and what does not. It is important to be equally strategic with your printed marketing campaign, to deliver a cross-channel strategy that keeps you ahead of the pack.

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