Traditional Marketing Methods Can Still Be Superior To Digital In 2017

If you’re neglecting print design as a promotional method, then you could be missing a trick. Find out why print marketing is still relevant.

It is perhaps surprising in this digital world that we are still talking about traditional marketing methods such as printing. Yet, not only do they deserve their place in a company’s marketing strategy, they can also be considered superior to many online promotional tactics. Whilst it is unquestionable that companies are able to achieve a great presence for their brand online, there are many advantages that print design has over digital.

A Relationship With Longevity

Hard promotional materials can be kept and read by a consumer time and time again. The longer the engagement is with a brand, the more likely they are to convert into leads or sales for your company. This serves in direct contrast to the impatient web visitor who has a quick flick around your landing page before deciding to leave it and take a look at your competitor instead. In fact, research suggests that 55% of web visitors spend 15 seconds on a site before leaving it. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to look to some other ways of striking a relationship with your potential market. This can be achieved with print marketing.

Corporate Gifts

When many people think about printed materials, they might picture a promotional stand or a crowded coffee table in a waiting room, both packed with leaflets. Whilst these types of promotional marketing undoubtedly deserve their place, perhaps a more contemporary approach to printed advertising is the option of corporate gifts. These might typically be mugs, pens, golf balls, or umbrellas – all proudly displaying your brand name and contact details.

Prolong the effects of your advertising campaign by getting your name out there and stay in the minds of your target market for weeks, months or even years after making that initial contact. Statistically, 76% of people say that they can state the brand or organisation name of any promotional merchandise which is located on their desk. Perhaps more importantly, 51% said that they purchased from the company featured on the gift, after having received it from them.

Interactivity With Digital

It is important to realise that choosing print design does not mean neglecting a digital angle to your marketing campaign. In fact, modern print methods make it easy to incorporate your physical marketing materials with a digital twist. This doesn’t mean simply displaying your email address, social links or website address on your printed products. You can, in fact, integrate QR codes that are easy for smartphones or tablets to read. These can easily be adapted with colours to fit into your overall design theme. Alternatively, you might choose a more innovative option such as NFC technology which uses a microchip – this allows potential consumers to simply tap their printed material against a mobile device in order to visit your website.

As with all marketing strategies, whether traditional or digital, you need to maximise the opportunities that your campaign can bring by providing the obvious call to actions. This means that each of your promotional materials needs to have a valid purpose – what do you want your target audience to do after having read it? Visit your website? Come to your store? Call your information line? Make it clear what your call to action is and this will help to improve your conversion rates and ultimately increase those all-important company profits.

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