More People are Turning to Vimeo for Sharing Video Content Online

Mention video hosting and most of us automatically think YouTube. But Vimeo is often a better platform for serious businesses to get their message across.

We all know who the big player is when it comes to video sharing. YouTube is constantly vying with Facebook for the title of second most popular website on the planet, with only Google in front. And who backs YouTube? Ah, that would be Google too.

Despite these world-dominating credentials, YouTube is not the only choice for video hosting. While it might be perfect for the ubiquitous “cats falling off tables” videos or to seek out a grainy recording of your favourite band playing a surprise gig at a backstreet pub, it is not always the ideal place to upload professional videos that promote your business.

Vimeo might be second to YouTube in terms of visitors, but it does have a number of plus points if you are looking to showcase the artistic and graphic design of your video content to the best advantage.

Here we run through a few of those advantages. But also, why not have a look at Polar Creative’s own Vimeo page to see for yourself?

More professional

We have established that YouTube has a larger audience, but Vimeo’s is more select. With 70 million unique visitors per month, it is by no means small, but it does mean the audience base is more likely to be genuinely engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

Better quality videos

YouTube is notorious for its highly-compressed video content, which inevitably means there is a cost when it comes to quality. In comparison, the quality on Vimeo is in another league, and you can be sure that videos will look as good as the moment you created them.

Less nonsense

There is definitely a place in this world for funny cat videos, and YouTube is that place. The problem with a site where more than 70 hours of video is uploaded every minute is that there is inevitably going to be a high volume of nonsense. This is not the case with Vimeo. As Mashable’s Eric Larson remarked, “You’ll be hard-pressed to find a 30-second clip of a man dancing in a penguin costume on Vimeo.”

Clean layout

Your Vimeo homepage has a cleaner, less cluttered look than YouTube. The videos are larger and quite literally take centre stage, which is surely how it should be.

 No ads

We must all agree that the most irritating things about YouTube are the banners and the 30-second ads you need to sit through before your video starts playing. You will see none of these on Vimeo.

Privacy controls

Vimeo allows you to set privacy controls on every video you upload. This means you can restrict playback so that it must be via your own website, or you can password-protect videos, so you can just share them with friends.

Better support

Anybody who has tried to seek technical support from YouTube will know that it can diplomatically be described as “challenging.” Vimeo guarantees a 1-hour response time to Pro subscribers.

Custom URLs

Finally, with Vimeo, users have the option to create a custom URL for their video. This means it can have a more relevant and memorable URL than the random stream of numbers that you will get on YouTube.

See what Vimeo has to offer by visiting their site here.

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