In 2015, Polar Creative were proud finalists at the Essex Digital Awards in the category for Small Business Website. Despite having only been founded in 2013, we were awarded Silver, which placed us as runners-up in what was a highly competitive category. In 2016 we are looking to go one step further, only this time we have left Small Business behind and instead will be vying for the Marketing and Creative award, having been recently been named finalists again.

The Essex Digital Awards have placed themselves as ‘The Benchmark for Online Business’ in the county. Originally launched in 2013, the awards have grown in size and stature over the course of the past three years, becoming a major influence in rewarding innovation and progressive thinking within Essex’s digital community. As their standing has grown, so has the size and renown of the companies entering, making the competition fiercer and our inclusion as finalists all the more impressive.

Back in 2015 Polar Creative were nominated for “Best Small Business Website”. Just a year later we find ourselves in the category of ‘Best Marketing & Creative”.

As a company that focusses heavily on the value of digital media, we believe that the Essex Digital Awards are a fantastic platform not only for ourselves, but for marketing in general. As the popularity of the event increases, so does the understanding among businesses of all industries as to the importance of harnessing your online presence and ensuring it works for you. This is not only great news for us as a digital service provider but also for the region, as we all begin to fully utilise the incredible gifts on offer online.

Some of the sponsors involved include Lookers, Volvo, Essex Chambers of Commerce and the Employment and Skills Board, showing and the overall prestige of the event. It is to be held at the Western Homes Community Stadium in Colchester on the 14th of April, and will be a great night regardless of the result. We do of course have confidence that the creativity of our thinking will be evident in our website though, and that this will lead us to further success.

As well as Polar Creative having made the final of the Marketing and Creative category, we are also proud to announce that Buy Essex, the B2B magazine that we distribute to 5,000 businesses across South Essex has also made it through as finalists for Small Business website, the very same award that we were so close to receiving last year. Despite only one edition having been distributed to date (we are compiling the second as we speak) recognition at the awards is proof that the venture is on the right track and moving forward. To find out more about Buy Essex Magazine please click here.

So with just three weeks to go until the ceremony itself, please keep your fingers crossed for both Polar Creative Studios and Buy Essex Magazine. To be finalists is already a huge honour and recognition of our hard work already this year. What a start to 2016 this could be! We will keep you updated with the results…

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