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#ChelmsfordhourLIVE Events
What can I say, last night was beyond a success. A huge thank you to Stephen Canning for bringing us all together, as well as a special mention to Martin & Co for supplying us with refreshments.
I think I’m not alone when I say it was a breath of fresh air attending a networking event with no strict format and no forced referrals. It gave everyone a chance to relax. The only worry was finding the time to speak to everyone! As I did endeavour to have a chat with everyone at the event, if I missed you I hope to see you again at the next event in May (Fingers crossed) or at #BraintreehourLIVE next week.
I really enjoyed last night and I think it gives us all something brilliant to work on, Stephen is keen we keep up momentum and have another event in May. So see you all again soon!

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