SEO & Digital Marketing

In Essex and Beyond

When it comes to SEO, Essex business owners are often left in the dark. You will be asked to spend huge sums of money on search engine optimisation and simply trust that whatever magic is going on behind the scenes is working and that you will eventually reap the rewards. At Polar Creative, we offer a different approach. Our SEO solutions come at an affordable price and are tailored to you. When it comes to online marketing we know what we’re talking about, and it is our flexibility that makes our SEO services so highly valued in the Essex area and beyond.


When people hear the term ‘SEO’ they often assume the worst. Improving your Google ranking doesn’t cost the earth, simply commitment and expertise on behalf of your supplier.

White Hat.

This style of SEO involves optimisation strategies and tactics that focus on your target audience, rather simply the search engine itself. It is about how best to give people what they need.


There is no ‘off-the-shelf’ option when it comes to SEO. Everything about you and your company is unique, meaning that your SEO strategy has to follow a similar structure.

All Industries.

Our experience in SEO allows us to adapt our strategy to any industry. Once we understand your offering and the audience you are targeting, we can then apply a strategy to your specifications.


Before we can optimise your web presence it is vital that we understand you and your ambition. Through a detailed initial consultation, we can recognise your individuality and what you want to achieve.


At Polar Creative we don’t just optimise your homepage and consider the job complete. We offer a full site overview, to guarantee that if your site has the correct answer, it can easily be found.


  • FREE Website Review
  • Optimisation
  • Monthly Reports
  • Minimum 3 Month Contract


  • FREE Website Review
  • 1-4 Blogs Per Month
  • Detailed Monthly Reports
  • Minimum 3 Month Contract


  • FREE Website & Content Review
  • 6-12 Blogs Per Month
  • Detailed Reports & Strategy
  • Minimum 6 Month Contract


Why choose Polar?

Firstly we try to understand you, your business and your industry in greater depth. There is no one-size- fits-all policy here, and knowing your market is crucial to successful SEO. We also offer our SEO packages on rolling contracts, so confident are we that you will see immediate results. Being found online via effective SEO is crucial to success. Polar Creative we can help guide your way. Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow your business sustainably and effectively.